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We would like to pass on some feedback to the inspectors.

Our son started in September with 2 year funding and a sen plan put in place. The team were patient and understanding of our sons needs, which made the transition for him very easy. 

The partnership we have with the team as parents is faultless. We communicate and have feedback daily, have regular sen reviews and they work around the challenges which may be occurring in our sons behaviour at that time. 

They are keen to work with all the agencies we have involved. When we have meetings and reviews, Tamsin is always there to ask what can they do to help with any goals or targets set. 

The whole team are organised. It's always easy to drop off and collect with everyone friendly. The times we have been in for meetings, we see the children all engaged and happy. 

As parents we couldn't wish for a better place for our son. We have a team of people who are passionate about providing not only the best care, but the best educational start for our son, and all the children there.

I just wanted to say in regards to making comments for Ofsted that I think Meppershall pre school is a lovely and welcoming environment for both children and parents/carers. My sons behaviour and communication has come along so much since he started meppershall pre school with so much support from the staff for his individual needs. He looks forward to coming to pre school each day and takes part in a variety of fun activities which he tells us all about at home. We also think that the communication from staff to parents is excellent. 

Best of luck for tomorrow.


I would like to say how happy I am with the care and nurture my son receives at Meppershall preschool. The team – lead by Tamsin – are wonderful and caring and have always kept met a part of the education journey.

My eldest son attended, and my second son is attending. I think this speaks volumes of how I view the preschool.

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff or the facilities and I am sure this will be reflected in your visit.


I would like to share my experiences of Meppershall pre-school. My children have attended the pre-school since January 2017.
My children are so happy and enthusiastic in attending the pre-school every single day.  When they come into pre-school, they take responsibility for putting away their things and then rush off to find an activity, barely finding the time to say goodbye to me.
They have developed fantastic relationships with their key workers and all members of staff.  Both Lisa and Louise have been key workers for my children.  They both respond to the very different needs of my children brilliantly, recognising their individual personalities and interests.
Children's interests are developed.  My oldest son once came home telling me all about warships in World War 2.  I had no idea where this information would have come from and he explained he had been talking with Kate at pre-school. When I spoke with her she said that Thomas had been very interested about a photograph he had seen while he was working with her.  She did some more research and brought some more information to share with him and he clearly absorbed it all! 
The leadership of the pre-school is very strong.  I very much hope that this leadership is given the full recognition it deserves in the Ofsted report.    Tamsin is a very clear communicator.  She is professional, trustworthy and reassuring.  She always has the best interests of the children at the forefront of her decision making.   
I hope you take this information into account when carrying out the inspection today.

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