SESSION TIMES (Term time only)

Monday to Friday:
Mornings: 9am – 12pm
Afternoons: 12pm – 3pm 


SNACK FEES (Morning sessions only)

Snack is charged at 50p per morning session and this will appear on your half termly invoices.

FEES (per 3 hour session)

If your child is 2 years of age, our session fee is £17.25.
If your child is 3 or 4 years of age our session fee is £13.95.

The 2 year old rate is payable until the calendar month after your child turns 3.

An invoice will be issued at the beginning of each half term. It is important that payment is made promptly by the due date on the invoice, which will be the last Monday of that half term. Payment can be made either by childcare vouchers, cash, cheque or online payment. If you would like to discuss your method of payment, please contact the Pre-school Treasurer or Pre-school Leader. We are registered with the governments ‘tax free childcare scheme’

  • Late Payments: If the bill is not paid by the due date on the invoice a reminder will be sent to the bill payer giving a further 7 days to pay. If no payment has been received after this, penalties will apply:  

  • an initial £12 administration fee  

  • a further £12 charge for each month the payment is late thereafter.  

  • If a parent/bill-payer is struggling to make a payment they should contact the pre-school as soon as possible to arrange a payment plan. 

  • If full payment has not been received by the end of the following half-term then regrettably, your child’s Pre-school place will be withdrawn.  

  • The Committee reserves the right to take legal action, if necessary, to recover any outstanding payment. 


  • You will need to give written notice if you: 

  • no longer require your child’s preschool place  

  • wish to withdraw your child from the preschool  

  • Want to reduce their hours.  

  • Notice in writing must be given with at least six weeks’ term time notice to avoid fees being charged. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for guidance.


  • Fees are payable during this notice period.  

  • Funded hours will also be subject to the same notice period which parents/bill-payers will be invoiced for if funding is not able to be claimed.  

  • Fees are also payable if there is any delay taking up the preschool place once the place has been confirmed except in exceptional circumstances and this will be at the discretion of the management committee. 

Please appreciate your child’s place is booked and staff wages and hall fees have to be paid, therefore, you will be billed if your child is sick or you are on holiday.

Our Bank Details are: Meppershall Pre School Playgroup

Acc# 10409251

SC - 20-41-12


Give us a call:

01462 850660
07816 357159